Alot has changed in the Similan Islands since we first wrote our original web content. In an effort to keep our content current and honest we have updated our Similan Islands Scuba Diving page so visitors to the area are better informed as of what to expect in the Similan Islands.


The Similan Islands received a lot of world media attention in early 2011 when the Mu Koh Similan National Park announced the temporary closure of two dive sites: Beacon Reef at Island 8 and East of Eden at Island 7. The closure was due to the South East Asian coral bleaching that occured in May 2010. Since then internet based diving forums and holiday review sites have been posting mixed reports about the state of the Similan Islands. Many visitors returned satisfied with what they experienced at Thailand’s most popular national park, others felt conditions nowhere near matched expectations they were led to believe by information easily found on the internet and in guide books.


Our new updated content hopes to clarify the current situation in the Similan Islands and also provide some alternatives for more experienced divers wanting to get the best out of their time underwater. Read more about diving in the Similan Islands. There is also the same information in German.

We have also added a complete new section about Similan Liveaboards, covering why to opt for a Similan liveaboard, what to expect from your Similan liveaboard and some factual information about learning to dive on a Similan liveaboard. This new content is also available in German.