Thailand has a variety of dive sites and after diving here for so many years we have picked the top five dive sites and how you can get to them. From soft and hard corals, macro life to large pelagic we have covered it all.

#5 – Koh Haa

Koh Haa (Thai for 5 islands) is a group of obviously 5 islands although it has a 6 islands but it is not considered an island in Thailand merely for the fact that it has no vegetation on it. The variety of sites you can encounter here is incredible. From swim throughs to caves, sot and hard coral makes this place just amazing. The cathedral is a must do, with all you can imagine as reef formation, you will have. You can always encounter large schools of snappers and fusiliers to turtles and if you lucky, the amazing whale shark.

#4 – Hin Daeng and Muang

These 2 dive sites are just fantastic. They are 2 pinnacles, one of the breaking the surface just for a bit (Hin Daeng) and both of the sites will drop down to 50 metres of depth. The soft corals on both sites are breathtaking, giving the name of the dive sites as Hin Daeng (Thai for Red rock) and Hin Muang (Thai for purple rock) and they do deserve the names as the color of soft corals will make you understand why these sites and so great. This is a good site to see whale sharks and manta rays and on good days you can see more than 10 mantas at the same time.

soft corals

How to get there?

The best option is via liveaboard and we recommend the MV Giamani which goes there every week as well as the Similan islands.

manta ray

#3 – Koh Bon

This is one of the most popular dive sites for seeing manta rays. There is a congregation of mantas there and you can also see whale sharks. If you venture yourself deep enough we can come across some fairly large sting rays as well. Topped by amazing corals and sea fans you can see, especially on the west ridge. Sea snakes, eels, and some really big groupers can be seen there.

#2 – Tachai pinnacle

This always a discussion between local divers what is the best dive site in Thailand and many think it is Tachai pinnacle. I do love this site but I don’t think it makes top site. Said that, I had some of my best dives in Thailand on it and you may too. Mantas, whale sharks, leopard sharks, giant barracudas as well as hundreds of schooling chevron barracudas. If you have some current, despite of being a challenging dive site, it can bring a lot of hunting going on top of the pinnacle.

coral grouper
whale shark

# - 1 Richelieu Rock

It is by far one of the most beautiful dive sites I have ever dived at. Amazing topography as a horse shoe shaped pinnacle where just a little bit of it will break the surface at low tide. Soft and hard corals, sea fans and so many fish will cover the whole reef. I could easily dive at Richelieu the whole week. Good place to see manta rays and whale sharks as well as exquisite marine life such as harlequin shrimp, ornate ghost pipefish, sea horse and pineapple fish.

How to get there?

We know some great liveaboards and day trips that can take you to these places. Although a liveaboard is highly recommended, day trips can be fun as well.

We have dived these sites hundreds of times so let us know if you need any info and would like to join for a trip. Feel free to email us at or just click on the link below.