Thailand is one of the most favorite places in world for many people and we would like to give you 10 reasons why. Check some of them but be certain that we could easily give another 100 reasons. From the friendliness of people to the vast opportunities you have within activities, there is always something for everyone to do in this amazing country we like to call home. Embark on your Similan Island liveaboard trip.

1 – If you are already a diver, you are ready! Thailand is one of the best spots on the planet to practice the hobby.

2 – If you are not diver but want to be, you have a better reason to travel to Thailand! You can take the course with a tasty detail – it costs much less than in many other places in the world. We have some great instructors that will make sure you will be a safe and well trained diver.

3 – We have the most beautiful archipelagos of Southeast Asia: the Similan Islands, nine remote islands without infrastructure and about 50 kilometers from the mainland, part of a national park.

4 – You can also visit Richelieu rock, known to be one of the best dive sites in the world. Officially part of the archipelago of the Surin Islands, almost on the border with Myanmar, it does live up to its fame.

Manta Ray in the Similan Islands
Manta Dancing in the Andaman Sea
Similan Islands viewpoint
View from Sail Rock

5 – Most Liveaboards will do 4 to 6 days trip, which is plenty of time to enjoy and discover the area, although you will certainly come back for more.

6) The boats are very comfortable. Different types of rooms, air conditioning, hot water in the showers, brilliant food (which might give you an extra kilo) and fridge with ice-cold beer for the end of the day (after dives, obviously).

7 – You can see anemone fish, lionfish, exotic stingrays and a lot more. The fauna is totally different from many places around the world, and the feeling is to be diving in an aquarium.

8 – The water is warm, almost hitting the 30C. Many people do not use wetsuit.

9 – The trip can be done at a very reasonable cost, especially when comparing to another places around the world : from as little as 24000 baht per person with ALL included : 14 dives, dive masters , an impeccable staff that takes care of everything ( no one has to even wash the equipment after the dives), and great meals .

10 – Thailand is one of the best places to visit in the world. After a liveaboard trip, you should adventure yourself with trekking, elephant camp visits, surfing, temples and some great food. Enjoy this fascinating country and experience the local culture. Pack your bag and discover what you have been missing for so long.


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