Itt's Trip Report: 26/03/16 – 02/04/16

On this trip to the Similans with the Thailand Aggressor we had a lovely group of 16 guests onboard. I was expecting to have a great trip!

Congratulations All Round!

After the welcome briefing we gave Elena a surprise birthday cake before setting sail.

Kathleen was to finish her 600th dive on board, this was going to be on the 29th at Tachai North. I made a congratulations banner in advance to hang on the dive deck for when she got back onboard the boat.

diving from the Thailand Aggressor
The banner I made for Kathleen

Another customer, Kayden, told me that he would complete his 100th dive on the 30th March. He was asking what he should do to commemorate the occasion, his ideas included naked diving or fancy dress. I told him about my 100th dive when I wore Superman pants on the outside of my wetsuit 🙂 I could see that he was really excited about this dive and completely understood!

diving in the Similans with the Thailand Aggressor
Hayden Celebrates 100 Dives!

On that day we were at Richelieu Rock, this is one of the best dive sites in Thailand. I made a special banner for him too, which I hid in my BCD and planned to take it out with my lovely Nudibranch team (Elena, Jennie, Bhriguraj and Ethan). We took out the banner on our safety stop and paused for a photo opportunity. This meant it was the longest safety stop of the trip as we were having so much fun taking loads of photos :)

Night Dive Briefing in the Similans

On this trip I was scheduled to do the night dive briefing. I was a little shy about doing this at first – I am shy anyway, but when I thought I would have to give the briefing in English I was even more nervous about it! I think I came up with a great idea though, I decided to draw out the instructions for the briefing using small illustrations. This seemed to work out well and I could explain everything to the guests on the boat before jumping into the Andaman for our night dive.

night diving in the Similans
These are the drawings I did to explain my night dive briefing

Delicious Food on a High End Similan Liveaboard

I love the food on the Thailand Aggressor and on this trip I was enjoying having the eggs! I am responsible for taking the food orders for breakfast, I have to note whether people would like scrambled eggs, ommelete, fried eggs or some other kind. The Thailand Aggressor is one of the high end boats in the Similans, this means that meals are sit down meals and you can order from a selection of food that is prepared for you at breakfast time.

On the third day I cooked myself a Thai omelet on top of rice – this is really Thai style eating. A few of the guests saw and were interested to try it the following day. They ordered it and had one chilli with it, which they loved! The next day they ordered the same thing, but Bill wanted to try it with 2 chillies! The next day even more guests wanted to try it, so yes – the Thai omelet was the most popular dish on this trip!