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Similan Snorkelling Day Trips

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The Similans, Koh Tachai and Koh Prathong explored

There are a number of different snorkelling options in the Andaman Sea
3From day trips, to over night trips
Starting from 3,500THB per person


The Similans are not just for divers, they hold a wealth places for snorkelers to discover too. Koh Tachai is one of the favoured destinations for a day out; with its stunning white sandy beach lapped by azure waters, it is a tempting day location for anyone. The beautiful Koh Prathong is an interesting alternative to the Similans too, with its diverse range of activities both on and off land.



The classic day trip when visiting Khao Lak is a snorkelling excursion to the Similan Islands. There are numerous companies around Khao Lak offering trips here and they send hundreds of people everyday. This snorkel day trip, however, is a bit different, and a lot better.

The snorkelling day trip to the Similans that we recommend is with a company that we know well and have worked closely with over the years. The speedboat itself is of excellent quality and the operator takes care not to over crowd it, a unique feature for a snorkel day trip. The service is first rate with experienced English speaking snorkel guides on board. The owner of the company, usually the boat’s captain, has more than 30 years of experience in the Andaman. It is the perfect way to explore the beautiful Similan Islands.

What really sets this snorkel day trip apart from the rest is the fact that the itinerary has been carefully created with relaxation in mind. On this snorkel day trip to the Similans you will have fewer snorkel stops, but for a much longer time, meaning it’s a more laid back day trip.



As an alternative to a snorkelling day trip to the Similan Islands there is a combined Koh Tachai with Koh Prathong day trip. In recent years Koh Tachai has been the favoured snorkel destination for many due to it’s stunning beach. Koh Prathong is a contrasting an undiscovered gem…

These days out are an excellent balance of relaxation and exploration. Starting the day at Koh Tachai gives guests the chance to experience the Similan Marine National Park, the beautiful beach here and some snorkelling in the clear turquoise Andaman Sea. After some time at Tachai the speedboat will whisk you off to Koh Prathong where you will have lunch on the beach followed by some explorations on the island, including: a ride across the savannah in the Tuk Tuk car, a visit to the local village and to the turtle sanctuary.

Most day trips to Koh Tachai and the Similans focus on only snorkelling and beach visits. This Koh Tachai and Koh Prathong day out is a great trip for those looking for something a bit different, while still including the famous Similan snorkel stop.



For something very unique to the plethora of Khao Lak day trips available there is now a day trip to Koh Prathong: Khao Lak’s best kept secret. There is something for everyone on this little island, from snorkelling in the clear waters off the shore’s edge, to cultural highlights in the village.

Koh Prathong is a small island to the north of Khao Lak, nestled between the more renowned Koh Kho Khao and Koh Ra. It is a beautiful stretch of land on the Andaman Sea, home to a vast array of wildlife and eco-systems. On this day out there will be some time for island exploration in the morning, including a visit to the turtle sanctuary and local village. After this you will make your way across the savannah landscape in a Tak Tak to the beach on the west side of the island where you will see the turtles and also everyday local life in motion.

To start your afternoon a delicious Thai buffet will be served on the beach, after which there is time for relaxing on the golden sands and snorkelling in the sea nearby. Next there is time for snorkelling and relaxing before heading back to the pier by speedboat.

"The best snorkelling day trips available from Khao Lak: Smaller groups, better quality"

MV Oktavia Front


We have an excellent option for those looking for an overnight Similan snorkelling option, this is on board the MV Oktavia. It is technically a diving liveaboard, but is one of a few that is very well suited to snorkellers too, providing a snorkel guide for non-divers. This trip is perfect for non-diving and diving couples or groups.

The MV Oktavia runs a flexible itinerary, it goes out to the Similans for 5 days and 5 nights, but offers the choice to join for only the first 2 days and 2 nights or the last 3 days and 2 nights. The first 2 days and 2 nights are ideal for snorkellers as on these days the boat is stationed in the Similan Islands, the perfect location for snorkelling in the Andaman.

The shallow sites and picturesque beaches make an overnight snorkelling trip here unforgettable.



Although not many day trip operators visit the Surin Islands, they are ideal for snorkelling due to the familiar Similan style granite terrain and the huge shallow bays that are scattered throughout the islands.

The Surins are a more ‘off the beaten track’ snorkel destination, you could say that they are the Similan’s shy, retiring, and perhaps prettier cousin to the north. As they are not visited regularly by throngs of speedboats they remain undisturbed withholding their natural beauty, healthy corals and wealth of wildlife both in the sea and on the land.

It’s not only the flora and fauna that make the Surin Islands special. They are also home to the once nomadic sea gypsies, the Moken. These friendly people live in a village on the island and still retain their traditions of living from the sea, if not on the sea. On the pristine beaches you might find the kids playing in what is amazingly their “back yard”. You might also come across monkeys larking around on the sand, unabashedly foraging for food. These are just some of the things that make the Surin Islands, not far from the Similans, a unique and exceptional location.

If you would like to visit the Surin Islands you can contact us for available options.



Thailand Dive and Sail have a lot of experience with private charters. In the past we have organised tailor made trips for birthdays, hen parties, site specific diving excursions and snorkelling day trips. We have visited in the Similans, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock on fun packed day trips out to the Similan and Surin Marine National Parks.

Private speedboat charters are ideal for those looking for a more private trip, a trip that will avoid the crowds or a site specific trip. They are perfect for people wanting to create their own itinerary, spend longer at snorkel spots, avoid the crowds, or just want to make an extra special celebration. Thailand Dive and Sail will try to cater to any snorkelling day trip request. We include everything that you could need for your special day snorkelling in the Similan Islands.

Read more about our private charter services and also trips we have run

Looking for the perfect snorkelling trip to the Similans?

Want to avoid the crowds or spend a couple of nights out in the Marine Park? We can help book the right snorkelling trip for you.



The Similans are one of the most famous snorkel destinations in Thailand. Home to numerous stunning beaches and plenty of coral structures, these islands are perfect for a day out snorkelling. The variety of snorkel spots, from shallows just off the shore, to deeper waters further out, make the Similans suitable for every experience level.

No snorkelling trip to the Similans would be complete without sighting a turtle swimming along beside you. These friendly giants bob along the water while clown fish, angel fish, parrot fish and even sometimes lion fish swim below. For those that are lucky enough, an Octopus might just swim by.



Koh Tachai is one of the most beautiful and best places for snorkelling in the Similans. Due to the shape of the bay and the shallow sea line here it is perfect for beginners and for those not wanting to swim out to deeper waters. It also boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago, making for a wonderful day of sun, sea and sand.

Snorkellers here will see beautiful corals with colourful fish swimming around in and out of their habitat. If you are lucky enough you might see some larger marine life such as leopard sharks and black tips. If you are really lucky you might even catch glimpse of a manta ray of whale shark swimming close to the surface.



The Koh Prathong Day trip is a combined land and sea tour. This pretty little island is a nature lovers dream; with a staggering four types of forest eco-system there is a wealth of flora and fauna at every turn. The island is fringed with golden beaches lapped by the Andaman Sea and is brimming with wildlife. Not forgetting the beautiful Savannah at the centre.

On a visit to Koh Prathong look out for the Lesser Adjutant Stork, an intimidating yet fascinating looking bird. The island is home to some rare species such as the leopard cat and nocturnal fishing cat. Snorkelers will see a rocky reef with butterfly fish, damsel fish and many other reef fish.

"A snorkelling trip to the Similans and Koh Tachai is one of the best in Thailand.
Koh Prathong is also fantastic for wildlife and beautiful beaches."


Thailand Dive and Sail can reccommend a number of snorkelling day trips to the SImilans Islands, Koh Tachai and Koh Prathong. The schdule and prices are outlined below. Speedboat charters are also available daily, this is upon request. For overnight snorkelling excursions please visit the MV Oktavia Schedule here.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

3500,- THB


3700,- THB

Koh Kam*

3900,- THB


3700,- THB


3500,- THB


3700,- THB

Please note: To see the beaches and snorkel spots at the best time, and to avoid the crowds, these snorkel day trips depart very early in the morning.

* price includes National Marine Park fees: Similans, Surins, Tachai: 500,- THB / Koh Kam 300,- THB per person
Schedules and itineraries may change due to unsafe weather conditions.


On a snorkelling day trip to one of these beautiful islands in the Andaman, all neccessities have been included for your convenience. The best snorkel equipment is provided for you and you will be collected and returned to your hotel – you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Included in a Similan diving day trip:

– Khao Lak Transfers
– Tea and coffee briefing
– Lunch
– Soft drinks
– Equipment
– Snorkel Guide
– Insurance



While everything is included that you should need, of course there are some things that you will want to bring yourself. Find below a list of items that will make your day more comfortable for a day of sun, sea and sand.

– Swimwear
– Shorts and a light t-shirt
– A beach towel
– Sun block
– Camera – waterproof if you have one
– Sunglasses


If you're looking for a snorkelling excursion to the Similans, Koh Tachai or Koh Prathong get in touch.

Overnight trips and private charters are also available.




The speedboats used for these snorkelling day trips are top of the range and in excellent condition. Taking fewer customers also means that these days out to the Similans, Koh Tachai or Koh Prathong will be more comfortable and safer for guests.

The speedboat uses an environmentally friendly fuel too, meaning that there is less impact on the eco-system of the Similans. The owner is a local to this area, he has grown up here and loves the lanscapes and nature of this stunning part of Thailand. For this reason he wants to keep any impact on the environment to a minimum.



The MV Octavia is a 30 metre long liveaboard boat operating in the Similans. Built in 2003, but renovated yearly, it is one of the most well maintained vessels leaving from Khao Lak. It takes up to 21 guests on board, but it was originally built to accommodated double that amount. This means that the boat is very spacious.

The Oktavia is a wooden boat and is very sturdy. It has an outdoor eating area with a lounge section and a very large sun deck at the top of the boat. Cabins are twin or double and there are 5 shared shower facilities.


In the past Thailand Dive and Sail have tried to stay clear of snorkelling day trips to the Similan Islands. Our experience has been that snorkel speedboats try to get as many passengers on board as possible, meaning cramped conditions on board, and often not very safe. Safety is always a concern of ours, but also the customer experience once at a snorkel destination. Who wants to snorkel with 50 other people in a small area?

That is, until now…

We have worked with this speedboat operator for a number of years now, using their service for our private speedboat charters. This year they are introducing a range of snorkelling day trips and from their proposal we are happy to promote and recommend their excursions.

As perviously mentioned, this is the speedboat operator that we use for our charters too, so we know that the boats are in excellent condition and can provide the right service for even an exclusive private day trip.

The MV Oktavia, our overnight recommendation for snorkelling, is another operator who we have worked closely with for a long time. We know that they provide an excellent diving excursion and have seen how well they look after snorkellers. On this liveaboard they provide a special snorkel guide who will travel out to specific snorkel spots on the dingy when the divers are out in deeper waters. The MV Oktavia is our first choice for overnight Similan snorkelling trips.


The itineraries and variety of trips available also prove that this is a snorkel operator wanting to provide something a bit different for their guests:

• The Similan day trips have been created to spend more time at fewer sites, choosing quality over quantity and giving guests more time at each site.

• The Koh Tachai and Koh Prathong day trip has been created to combine a favourite Similan Marine park location – Koh Tachai, with a more unknown one, Koh Prathong. This means visitors to Khao Lak can now tick the Similans box on their wish list and see something a bit different on the same day. There is no other Similan Snorkelling day trip out there like this.

• The Koh Prathong day trip is also a very different type of itinerary. It is the best snorkelling day trip for those that want a quieter day away from the crowds and who are looking for some cultural exploration as well as relaxation.


The Similan and Surin Islands boast 2 of the most beautiful marine national parks in Thailand. It is important to keep these island and snorkel destinations in as pristine condition as possible. As detailed above the fuel used in the our recommended day trips and private charters is more environmentally friendly than used by speedboats.


One of the main advantages of the E85 fuel used in these speedboats is that there is a significant reduction in emissions from the tailpipe of the boat. This means that the impact on the local environment is reduced and therefore better for the corals and marine life in general. The use of E85 is also more sustainable than other “eco” fuels, such as palm oil, as it is more sustainable and does not rely on deforestation to create the oil.