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Most Similan Liveaboards follow a logical route, starting from the southern section of the Similans and then slowly progressing north over the cruise duration. Starting this way means you experience the easier dive sites first, recommended if you haven’t dived for a while. Also the Similan liveaboard trip builds up to the highlight, Richelieu Rock which features later in the trip.

On the last day or 2 the route will head back down south to Tab Lamu pier. Each day consists of a similar schedule: 4 dives interspersed throughout the day amongst eating delicious fresh Thai food, sleeping and the occasional beach visit. For a more detailed account of a typical day on a Similan Liveaboard you can visit our sample itinerary.

The majority of Similan Liveaboards start from Tab Lamu Pier. Transfers in the Khao Lak area are usually included in a Similan liveaboard package and pick ups start between 15.00 and 18.00 on the day of departure. Once transferred to your boat of choice you will be taken on board and shown around your home for the next 2 – 5 days. Before setting off the team will give a safety and procedures briefing and the equipment will be set up. As you head out towards the south point of the Similan Marine National Park you will be served dinner. On the first night of your Similan liveaboard cruise you will arrive at the Similan Islands around midnight.

As with all days on board your Similan Liveaboard, on the first day you will wake up at the dive site before all speedboats and day trippers get there. It will be quiet and peaceful as you wake up in the beautiful surroundings of the Similan Islands. The dive sites on day 3 may include Boulder City, Anita’s Reef, East of Eden and West of Eden. Here there is the chance of seeing turtles, octopus, moray eels or even a stingray, as can be seen in picture on the map by the Southern Islands.

The second day’s diving is around the northern section of the Similans and at some point during this day you will head to Koh Bon. There may even be the chance of a beach visit so that you can explore some of the on land vegetation and wildlife between dives. The Similan dive sites that you will visit here may include Elephant Head Rock, Christmas Point, Breakfast Bend and Koh Bon Ridge.

The third day visits Richelieu Rock and Koh Tachai, some of the best dive sites that the area has to offer. Koh Tachai is a beautiful location with a stunning beach to visit if possible, and Richelieu Rock has the most diverse and abundant underwater life of anywhere in the Similan or Surin National Parks. On the map there is a picture of a Moray Eel sneaking out of some colourful corals at Richelieu Rock. Dive sites here will include Koh Tachai Pinnacle and Richelieu Rock

The final destinations on day four are Koh Bon and the Boonsung Wreck. The Wreck is a site that can be accessed via longtail boat from the beach as part of a day trip. This dive site also boasts a wealth of marine fauna and is often described as a soup bowl full of fish and small creatures. This is usually the last dive destination on the way back to Khao Lak.


Similan Liveaboard itineraries and routes can be dictated by the weather, and consequently the choices that the captain makes. The tour leader also plays a big role in deciding where are the best Similan dive sites to visit and at what times. It is for these reasons that not all Similan Liveaboards will be the same. Similan Liveaboards range from 2 day 1 night trips to longer 5 day 5 night cruises throughout the Similan National Park. Ask our experts if you would like more information about which itinerary is best for you.