We are all excited as within the next few days we have the national park opening and our favorite Similan Island Liveaboards will be taking their first guests on the start of the season. Check what weather to expect, few tips and hints on some of the best liveaboards including trip dates, prices and some info on them. It is a great blog to help you choose the most suitable liveaboard for you.


Yes, it is only the beginning of the season and during low season we had a lot of rain but things look good on the weather side. Of course there is so much you can trust on weather forecast but as far as we can see, we will have waves at an average height of 0.5 metres and very little wind. The rain seemed to have stopped and we all hope it will stay like this.

Clive selfie
MV Oktavia liveaboard

MV Oktavia

One of our favorite budget liveaboard, offering mid-range service topped by a lot of fun. Their first trip will be October 23 2016 and they will depart for a 4 days 4 nights trip. Great value for money starting only at 14300 THB for a 2 day / 2 night trip. Although cabins are not ensuite, they offer a massive and very comfortable master cabin where you can have a top mid-range experience for just a little extra money. Click here to have some more details about this great boat.

MV Hallelujah

She is a lovely boat with a lot of chill out space to rest between dives. This is one of our favorite mid-range boat, well taken care of before the trip started and offering great service at a reasonable price. MV Hallelujah start operating October 15th 2016 and you can still get a cabin from 35000 THB. You can click here to find out some more info and some great photos.

The MV Hallelujah liveaboard

MV Deep Andaman Queen

Another nice mid-range boat with very friendly staff. They have different cabin fitting all needs. Their first trip will be October 15th 2016 and their price starts at 30000 THB for a quad cabin in the Similan Islands for 5 days / 4 nights. They can also offer 6 days / 5 nights in the Similan at certain dates as well as the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar with 8 days / 7 nights trip. Click here for more info about Deep Andaman Queen.

SY Diva Andaman

Top of the range liveaboard with amazing service, great local and western food. On top of the beautifully decorated rooms, this is one of the most beautiful Liveaboards in the Similan Islands, offering also massages if you want to be extra pampered. Their first trip will be in the Mergui Archipelago on October 23rd 2016 and their first trip in the Similan Islands will be October 30th. Price starts at 80250 THB. You can click here to get some more details about SY Diva Andaman.

Diva Andaman liveaboard
Similan Islands viewpoint
Seahorses at Richelieu
Mantis shrimp Richelieu Rock

Many beautiful dive sites, amazing beaches and some great liveaboards to choose from. Feel free to contact us if you have any question at inquiry@thailanddiveandsail.com or just click on the link below.