One of many great things in Thailand is that you can have the most luxurious travelling experience or you can still do it in a very low budget. As for scuba diving, you can really save money and still have a great Similan Island diving in a budget.

We have come up with some ideas and information to guide you through on how to do an amazing liveaboard trip while not spending much money.

The best budget liveaboard

We have been working for a long time with MV Oktavia and we were never disappointed. Although the MV Oktavia is charging as a budget liveaboard, we like to consider it as a mid-range experience. The service on board is simply superb, food is beautifully cooked and the condition of the vessel is spotless. You will be sharing the bathrooms like other budget liveaboards although you have the choice of having a cabin with en suite bathroom for a little extra money. We have pointed out some of its great perks.

The boat

It is a fairly large vessel and although it can hold up to 33 divers, they have limit it for a maximum of 20 divers so there is a lot of space for everyone. It is 30 metres long and 6.5 metres wide, with a nice sun deck and a shaded sitting area on the top deck, dining and more sitting area on upper deck and plenty of space on the dive deck.

MV Oktavia liveaboard
MV Oktavia - Budget liveaboard

Check the MV Oktavia at for more information and photos.


Two types of cabins

Blue Ocean standard cabin – All cabins are very comfortable offering either a double bed or 2 single bunks. They are all equipped with air conditioning and a fan to keep room temperature at its peak performance. When staying at standard cabin, there will be 4 fresh water hot showers to be shared. The shared bathrooms are cleaned regularly so it will feel like it is on your own cabin.

Master Cabin – If you need a little more privacy, there are 2 master cabins with en suite bathroom, plenty of space in the room, 2 large seats, flat screen tv, dvd player and even a desk. There is an extra of THB 2000 per person per night if you require such a cabin.


The safety of divers and staff was really considered when this vessel was designed, and done to the highest standards. They have sliding doors for easy evacuation, life rafts, smoke / bilge alarms, well stocked first aid kits, oxygen kits and the dive deck is monitored via CCTV at all times, just to mentioned a few.


The staffs at MV Oktavia really seem enjoy working on this vessel, which really shows to the guests making a very pleasant experience. They are available on the clock for anything you need and always very courteous. The chef cook some amazing Thai food and it is always very plentiful. Whatever it is you need, this great team will always go the extra mile.


Hotels, food and transportation around Thailand

Cheap and yet good Food

If you have been to Thailand you will know that Thai food has one of the best flavors in the world and yet, can be found for a very reasonable price. You can eat for as little as THB 40. When you are in Khao Lak, ask for DDee restaurant, one of the best Thai food in the area and the best price.


If you need to fly around Thailand, it is recommended to book your flight as early as possible. I have personally flown from Bangkok to Phuket for as little as THB 600. You always have the choice of taking the bus and it can be as cheap as THB 100, depending where you are travelling from / to as well as the class you choose.

Hotels in Thailand

It is still very cheap to stay in Thailand and you can still find rooms for as little as THB 300 per night. and have some great offers and you can find thousands of hotels, hostels and villas.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and you found it helpful. Ready to book your trip? Need any information? We are here to help you with your next holiday in Thailand so contact us at to book your trip now or if you have any question.