The high season has now arrived, boats are heading out to the Similans and we are busy sending people out diving and diving ourselves – doing what we are here to do!

The Similans opened on the 15th October and boats have been heading out already, the feedback we have had so far is that the Similans themselves are looking a little better than they did towards the end of last season. The most exciting news is that there have been Whale Shark and Manta sightings already!


We have been busy with Boonsung Wreck trips. On the 3 trips we have been on so far we have already spotted a large stingray, huge moray eels and many Lion Fish and Scorpion Fish. It is still one of our favourite days out diving from Khao Lak!

Now we are keen to get in as much Similan diving as possible.


As always, we have spent the low season making our website more informative and useful for budding and experienced divers heading to the Similans. There is a tailor made page for Similan day trips, so all the information you should need is at your fingertips.


We have also streamlined our Similan liveaboards page, making choosing the right trip for you more simple. As the Boonsung Wreck is one of our favourite days out we have improved this page too – it’s very comprehensive and should offer everything you need to know about this amazing Khao Lak dive site.

Information about Similan snorkelling options should be online shortly, as should our revamped dive maps.


Another chapter for Thailand Dive and Sail is the introduction of Similan snorkelling day trips that we can recommend to people. We have previously been hesitant to recommend snorkelling day trips to the Similans. Over the years we have seen speedboat companies cram their boats full with passengers, making it a dangerous and uncomfortable journey out to the islands.


This year we have found a snorkel operator offering Similan snorkelling day trips, plus a couple of other options that are a bit different, that we can trust. The boats will not be over crowded: with a maximum capacity of 40 people, they will only be taking 30 out. The operator intends to visit the best snorkel spots and quiet locations too, making these trips better for serious snorkellers. They will also be visiting a unique destination that no other Similan snorkel operator visits, this is Koh Prathong. The three trips that we will be recommending will be:

* The Similans

* Koh Tachai and Koh Prathong

* Koh Prathong

More information about these new trips will be online soon.


This season we are happy to introduce a few new boats to our portfolio of Similan liveaboard options. The much anticipated MV DiveRACE Class E is now up online on our website and we are starting to accept bookings for this vessel. As we have mentioned in a previous news article, this is going to be an excellent boat to join this season.


Other new liveaboards for Thailand Dive an Sail will include the MV Scuba Explorer and MV Nemo I. The MV Scuba Explorer is a new high end boat for us, and offers an itinerary of either 3 day 3 night liveaboards or 5 day 5 night. The MV Nemo I is a budget option that operates in the Similans, it offers the choice to dive from it and stay over night or just spend the day onboard.


Finally, for the 2014-2015 season we are pleased to announce that Clive White, one of the founding partners of Thailand Dive and Sail, will be joint cruise director on one of the most high-end vessels in the Similans – the Thailand Aggressor. We are sure that this world renowned liveaboard operator will benefit from Clive’s vast experience in the Mergui Archipelago and we wish him well with his travels.

by Anna Pering