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New Sailing Adventures with Thailand Dive and Sail

Sail Across the Mergui Archipelago

These journeys of discovery and adventure will be conducted around the stunning Mergui Archipelago, in Burma. It will be a diverse itinerary encompassing activities from sailing, to diving to land activities; there will be plenty of above water nature things to do. The trips will be aimed at small groups or families wanting the complete Mergui adventure to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded diving liveaboard that focus solely on and looking for the complete Mergui experience.

Sailing Adventures For Everyone

The main focus of these sailing trips is to explore the unique and pristine area that is the Mergui Archipelago. We will not be focusing on any particular recreation, such as diving; we will be providing a well rounded trip for divers and non-divers alike. The trips will offer opportunities for professional photographers and nature explorers to adventure into this under-developed and beautiful part of the world. Sailing tuition is also an option available and the onboard kitchen staff will be available for culinary lessons in the galley. Of course diving will be available, and where better than to explore the underwater world than in the Mergui Archipelago?

Appealing to a broad spectrum of people these trips will cater for beginner sailors or those wanting to gain more experience in this activity. They will also be of interest to families who would like to combine diving with some nature activities to satisfy other members of the family.


At Thailand Dive and Sail we are always striving to come up with new trips and fresh ideas for diving and sailing adventures. We have now developed some brand new sailing tours that will be conducted from one of three new sailing boats which we have added to the Thailand Dive and Sail network.

Sail with a Smile ;)

Fascinating Nature Adventures Above and Below the Water

A local guide will accompany all trips, these guides have some of the best experience in locating topside fauna in the Mergui Archipelago. They often point out sea otters, the elusive mouse deer as well as a myriad or bird life with frequent sightings of the Giant Hornbill. Fish Eagles can be seen here as well as an occasional exotic bird seeking rest onboard the boat itself. Below the water the limestone pinnacles never cease to amaze us with their beauty and abundance of soft coral. The marine megafauna is largely unpredictable in the region, but we have had many encounters with magestic manta rays and whalesharks. So there is intriguing wildlife both above and below the water’s surface.


Sail in Style on the Meta IV, SY Catalaya or SY Mozart

Our sailing trips into the islands of Burma will be conducted on aboard the mono hull sailing vessel, the very large (85ft) SY Meta IV, or on the more intimate catamarans: the SY Catalaya or the SY Mozart. All boats are purpose built for comfort and practicality and have been sailing the region for many years. The Meta IV is great for the more experienced sailor, offering some exhilarating sailing opportunities. The smaller catamarans are both safe and stable vessels, and are more suited for the less experienced sailor who is looking for a leisurely cruise through the islands.

We will depart from Kawthaung, this is the most southern port in the Mergui region. From here we head north and our adventure begins in one of the last undiscovered areas on the planet. by Clive White



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