We all love travelling, especially to those places not many people have been to and the Andaman Islands are it, not only very little explored but unspoiled.

As we are offering charters from Thailand to Andaman Islands and reverse, we would like to show you a few facts of this breathtaking paradise, how the trip will be conducted including the crossing, distance and most importantly, how amazing and life changing this trip would be to anyone with adventure running in their blood stream and love for nature.


The Andaman Islands form an archipelago with 325 tropical islands as part of union territory of India, although they are much closer to Thailand and Myanmar. Untouched white sand beaches and 90% of the whole territory is covered with jungles teaming with wild life, making a vast part of it uninhabited.

Port Blair is the capital and the whole union territory covers an area of 7950 Km2 with a population of 380.000 people including the Sentinelese people, forming one of the very few tribes in the world who strongly avoid contact with the outside world.

As fishing has been banned for over 40 years, the abundance of marine life is mind blowing.

Deserted beach
Deserted beach
Dolphins during crossing

The crossing

The initial crossing will depart from Thailand and it will take 2 days and nights. You can either take the helm and navigate or just relax and enjoy a cocktail while watching dolphins and whales migrating in the open ocean. On board of the luxuriously designed Catamaran Meltemi, where 4 very comfortable cabins with king size beds and en-suite bathrooms, such a trip would be like having your own 5 star resort in calm seas.

The catamaran will also sail from the Andaman Islands back to Thailand, giving more flexibility, depends where you live. To top that, there will also be the option for a 12 day trip, instead of the 10 day, where you can start in Thailand and finish in Thailand.

The Experience

The first stop will be at Port Blair where we will visit the old town and experience its exquisite markets. It is time to put the sails up again and explore slowly sailing on the east coast of Ritchie’s Archipelago where many activities will be available such as snorkeling, fishing, experiencing mangrove forests or just relaxing on your own “private” white sand beach. If that was not enough, we can even swim with elephants or for the more lay back, you can just relax on the yacht, being pampered by this attentive crew and a private chef.

This trip will venture on one of the most beautiful and remote islands in the world such as Havelock, North Button and Wilson islands as well as Cinque Island Group, where very few tourists would visit due to how remote they are.

Elephant at the beach
Meet the elephant at the beach
Turquoise waters of the Andaman Islands
Turquoise waters of the Andaman Islands
local fruit store
Visiting local markets
Sunset sailing
Sunset cocktail

What an opportunity to indulge yourself in such a remote area with the most beautiful sceneries in the world. If you like to be pampered and explore the unexplored, this is it.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested or have any questions.