We would like to give some tips and hints on how to prepare your next visit to Khao Lak including the time to go, what to do and some other useful information.

When to go

Phang Nga region where Khao Lak is as well as Phuket are seasonal destinations, with the season starting in November and ending at mid-May. During the months of June to early October it is considered low season and although it can rain a lot, if you are willing to take a chance, room rates are extremely cheap so you can stay in really nice hotels for very affordable rates. You must bear in mind that many restaurants close in the Khao lak area and most importantly, the Similan National park also closes so no diving.

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What to do

There are numerous activities to do around Khao Lak. You can choose from sunbathe on gorgeous beaches, explore exotic cuisine, visit temples, go diving or snorkeling in some of the best locations in the world, hike through the gorgeous national parks surrounding Khao Lak, or visit many waterfalls.

As you know, diving is by far the best activity to do in Khao lak. We always recommend doing a liveaboard for a few days. Click here to see the best Liveaboards to the Similan National park.

Book activities in advance

While many activities can be booked through your hotel or if you look around in Khao Lak town there are many tour operators but it’s always recommended to book in advance, especially when it comes to scuba diving. If you want to dive exclusive destinations such as the Similan Islands, Surin Island, and Richelieu Rock, you should consider a liveaboard that will need to be booked in advance. If you are not certified, you can always take the open water course while in Khao Lak. It takes 4 days including classroom and pool time and at least 4 ocean dives. Don’t wait until last minute to book, it can get busy during high season and you may be let down.

Similan Islands viewpoint

Choose hotel at your price range

Khao Lak has many hotels for all budgets. You can stay as cheap as 300 THB for dorms and as expensive as 100.000 THB. If you prefer nice and quiet, choose hotels at beaches further north. If you drive 20 minutes north of Khao Lak, there are some great options and still you are not very far from town.

Pack appropriately

Make sure to have sandals, light clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses. Try not to bring too much clothes as you can always do your laundry at hotel or in town. If you are visiting temples, you should have some clothing to cover your shoulders and knees and although some temples would have it for rent. It is important to be respectful to local culture.

Learn a few Thai phrases

Thai people are very proud of their culture. Learn a few Thai phrases would really make things easier for you. Thai people really appreciate when foreigners try to speak Thai. As a tonal language, it can be hard sometimes to get the words right but don’t worry about it, many Thais are used to tonal mistakes and they may understand the context.

A student performing the duck-dive.

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