Have the protests affected Khao Lak?

No, Khao Lak is unaffected!

The protests in Bangkok have had no obvious impact on those visiting or living in Khao Lak. The protests are described by most people as peaceful and are nothing to worry about when planning your holiday to Thailand.


Business as usual on a Similan Liveaboard

All Similan liveaboards are fully operational with no effect whatsoever by the political unrest in Bangkok. Life in Khao Lak is as idyllic and peaceful as ever. When visiting this beautiful southern Thai town you will be surprised that you are in the same country as the unrest that is happening in Bangkok.

Having said that, Bangkok is not as dangerous as the press make it out to be.

Protests in Bangkok

There are some areas of Bangkok where it is not advisable to visit, however, the main tourist areas and places of interest are basically unaffected by the peaceful protests. When visiting Bangkok taxi drivers will avoid these areas, so it is likely you will not see any evidence at all.


Quiet and peaceful in Khao Lak

If your hotel happens to be near a protest point then there are alternative modes of transportation to enter and exit. Sky trains and the subway are still operating and there is a great boat and ferry system in Bangkok that is useful for getting around.

While tourists should avoid the protest sites in Bangkok, daily life for most people continues as normal. All communication facilities are fully operational and the airports have been unaffected.


Peaceful Khao Lak Beaches

Should I still come to Thailand?


Especially if your first port of call is Khao Lak in southern Thailand. Come and enjoy a cocktail on the beach at sunset and a day of diving. Even better, get even further from the passionate political protestors and join a Similan liveaboard for 4 days and 4 nights.

If you are currently researching your holiday to Thailand, chances are you have been put off by the protests in Bangkok. Bangkok is over 770 Kilometres away from Khao Lak – that is a long way! The closest airport is in Phuket, so it is even possible to avoid Bangkok completely if you really wish.

The protests are technically peaceful anyway. These demonstrations, perceived through the media as quite dramatic, are supposed to be a fun event. Live music is put on daily and they serve the protestors free food. That is not to say that we recommend going, we just want to dispel this idea that Thailand is a dangerous place at the moment.

So come to Khao Lak where the natural surroundings and the daily lives of the locals are as peaceful and happy as ever.

Thailand is still very much the Land of Smiles.

by Anna Pering