Weather Conditions and Other Considerations

It’s important to remember that ocean and weather conditions can be a key factor to the success and comfort of your diving holiday. Although the Similans offer the perfect location for excellent weather, the islands are faraway from the shore, which means that the currents, visibility and (occasional) changeable weather might not be what your guidebook tells you. Obviously, it is not always possible to predict the weather and the diving conditions, but the more resources you have at your disposal, the better you will be prepared for what to expect.


Forward Planning Will Help Improve Your Holiday

The weather and sea conditions around the Similans are usually 95% excellent for diving or going out on a boat trip, however, there are infrequent rough patches when numerous stories appear in the local news in Thailand about boats heading out to sea in rough weather conditions. Some boats have chosen to go out to sea even when weather warnings have been issued; this is to the detriment of the customer’s safety, company’s reputation and in some cases, even to the demise of the boat itself. Passengers have had to be rescued and lessons have hopefully been learnt. With the proper planning and foresight these incidents should never have happened.

Thailand Dive and Sail always put the customer’s safety first. If conditions are potentially dangerous then we always advise against going out to sea on a trip. Unfortunately not all dive and snorkel operators work under the same principles, many put profit first.

Another new announcement in Thailand is that the Southern Meteorological Centre will no longer be issuing weather warnings to sea faring vessels. As outlined in the online newspaper, Phuket Wan:

“…according to a spokesman from the Phuket-based Southern Meteorological Centre (West Coast), the forecasters no longer are able to issue warnings that small boats should not put to sea.“ – By Chutima Sidasathian, Phuket Wan June 2nd 2013

With this new information it is now even more important to know what you are getting yourself into before signing up for any sea based excursions or dive trips.

Are The Conditions Suitable For You?

Many divers don’t check the weather conditions before planning their trip. This could be because of holiday restrictions at work, that they are unaware of the benefits of forward planning or perhaps there is just not enough information out there to inform people. We have now put together an informative and comprehensive page with all the information you should need to plan your trip and be prepared for any weather eventuality.


Visibility is usually perfect in the Similan Islands, Thailand – ©Ric Parker

When planning your trip take a look at the tide table and lunar calendar to give you an indication of what the currents might be like (although many other factors must also been taken into consideration). You can also check out the weather and water temperature to learn more about what to expect when diving in the Similans. If you have any questions or would like some further information then please feel free to contact us.

Anna Pering