We are happy to announce exciting news for the upcoming 2014-2015 diving season here in Thailand. The team behind the MV DiveRACE, a good mid-range Similan liveaboard, have been busy in the ship yard building a brand new purpose built liveaboard for Similan diving.


The new Similan liveaboard, to be named ‘MV DiveRace Class E’, will start it’s voyages to the beautiful Similan islands just after the beginning of the season, in . The boat will take to the Andaman Sea at just the right time to meet peak season demand. If last season is anything to go by, the MV DiveRACE Class E will also be in the National parks at just the right time to see perfect diving conditions and see the spectacular marine life flock to these western shores of Thailand.



As previously mentioned, this splendid new boat has been custom built with divers in mind.

The DiveRACE has put a professional vessel surveyor in place as project manager, making sure that the boat meets all safety requirements and meets all criteria for an excellent Similan liveaboard.

The new 34.5 metre long boat was designed by a certified naval architect, this means that the boat will be a reliable seafarers motor vessel. It will be ideal for the waters of the Andaman and will be the perfect boat from which to explore the Similan Islands.

In fact, that is how the name was created: MV DiveRACE Class E (‘E’ for exploration).



The brand new MV DiveRACE will be a unique mid-range Similan liveaboard. The team behind the boat have put a lot of thought into what divers want from their liveaboard in Thailand.

All cabins are en-suite for extra privacy and those that choose main deck cabins will be treated to their own private balcony. There are 6 cabins with twin or double beds, and 4 cabins with quad bunks. Little details have been thought out, such as a substantial 4 sockets per cabin, and there is even individual air con units for each bed – a luxury in the Thai heat during March and April.

What makes the MV DiveRACE Class E really stand out as a mid-range liveaboard are the additional features on board. A purpose built massage room has been included, as has a multimedia room. These are 2 very useful additions for a vessel that is out at sea for 4 days and 4 nights. Side Scan Sonar technology has been included, allowing the boat to discover more underwater surprises. For when you finish your liveaboard trip there is also the option to leave with freshly washed clothes, as there will also be a laundry service on board!


A rendering of the new Similan liveaboard cabins

The introduction of this new Similan liveaboard is an exciting development for the upcoming season. There has not been a new custom built diving liveaboard since the Ocean Rover, which is now working in Indonesia. The attention to detail that the team behind the boat have gone to will make this one of the best Similan liveaboards operating in the Andaman Sea. From small details such as enough plug sockets for everyone and individual air-conditioning, to the more prominent inclusion of a purpose built multimedia room, the MV DiveRACE Class E is set to be an excellent choice for diving in the Similans in 2014 – 2015.

by Anna Pering