We are launching a new itinerary in the Mergui Archipelago. We will be exploring all the way from Khawthaung to Myeik. Check out what an amazing experience it will be and what to expect.

800 Islands and More

We will be sailing through one of the world’s most remote island on board of a luxurious yacht, considered the best in Myanmar. We are excited for this Grand Mergui Exploration and travel the the stunning Mergui Archipelago while being pampered on a true superyacht.

Join this fantastic 130-foot yacht Clan VI in Kawthaung, on the border between Myanmar and Thailand, and disembark 200 miles north in the historic town of Myeik. On the way, you’ll sail past 800 jungle-covered islands, anchor in dozens of secluded bays, swim in azure waters, lunch with indigenous villagers, spot horn-bills and dolphins and discover a lost world as dreamy and beautiful as a maritime Shangri-La. This is by far the most exclusive cruise available on Myanmar’s waters. All cabins


come with en-suites and are spacious, air-conned and designed in the classic maritime style. Your chef and crew on Clan VI will look after your every need from the morning espresso to your sun-downer and beyond.


The Home of the Moken “Sea Nomads”

The Mergui Archipelago is inhabited by the Moken, a people who live off the sea. Over the generations, they have adapted to their environment and developed skills useful for a life lived partly underwater. Moken divers often descent to depths of more than 20 meters without air tanks. Studies of Moken children have shown that they have incredible underwater vision—twice as good as that of European children of the same age. With just a few of the 800 islands sparsely populated, and a very small number of visitors to the entire region each month, the Mergui Archipelago remains one of the planet’s most unspoiled destinations.


Day 1: Za Det Gyi Island – Dinner under the stars with chef’s surprise fresh catch.

Day 2: Myin Khwa Island / Macleod Island – Explore hidden caves and lagoon by kayak or dinghy then bonfire on your private beach.

Day 3: Boulder Rock / Lord Loughborough Island – Amazing snorkeling and white sand beaches topped by a visit to a sea gipsy village.

Day 4: Bo Cho Islands in the Lampi National Park / Tar Yar Island – Visit some beautiful jungle and see local fauna and flora. Mangrove exploration and or just relax and watch monkeys and gibbons.

Day 5: Great Western Torres Islands – Diving and snorkeling in one of the best dive spots in Myanmar or just relax on the beach.

Day 6: Mermaid Passage / Tanangthayi Kyun Island – Enjoy some water sports in this secluded bay.

Day 7: We explore some of the smaller islands around without tender boat. Some decide to go fishing; others visit a smaller village nearby. For our last night, the crew prepared a fantastic party at the beach for us.

Day 8: Arrive in Myeik while having an early breakfast. Some of you could explore the local floating market or if have booked a flight, you will be taken to airport.

Sailing Yacht CLAN VI master cabin
Sailing Yacht CLAN VI interior design

This will be an amazing trip and we are really looking forward to it. Contact us at inquiry@thailanddivesail.com for more info or to join this fantastic trip.