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Managing Director and Conservation Projects Manager

I’m an adventurous person who has tried off-road cycling, rock climbing and many other extreme outdoor activities, so I thought, why not try scuba diving?

I took the open water diving course with Ric, in 2006 and fell in love with breathing underwater and being around the most vibrant marine creatures of the deep mysterious ocean. The colourful fish that live around the coral reefs mesmerized me and lured me into wanting to go deeper into the ocean to see more.

I’ve been exploring several diving attractions within the Southeast Asian regions including Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Burma. Every time I go diving I never forget to take my camera, my Canon G10. I decided that if I can’t stay in the water all the time, why not capture the beauty of it in my camera so I can always take a look at it anytime I want? Not only that, I get to share the underwater experience with my friends.

I am not a professional underwater photographer but I will continue to capture photos of the marine creatures as a token of my success. Not to brag, but some of my nice shots were printed in the UK newspaper. It was about a donation project ”Tag a turtle” to help save the sea turtles that are facing illness and help the marine world.

Managing Director, Cruise Director, Seamanship Manager and PADI Instructor
Managing Director, Conservation Projects Manager and Dive Master
Managing Director
Operations Manager