In the run up to CITES CoP16 (March 2013, Bangkok, Thailand), Dr Andrea Marshall will once again be back in Thailand and Burma.

As well as her continued commitment for better Manta ray protection at CITES, Dr Marshall will also be onboard the SY Diva Andaman for one exclusive nine day trip to Burma’s Mergui Archipelago, the Burma Banks, Richelieu Rock and the Similan Islands Marine National Park.


The trip offers guests the highest level of Thai service and hospitality, delicious Thai and Western cuisine along with supplementary services including traditional Thai massage and a selection of fine wines onboard the Diva Andaman. During the trip Dr Marshall will make presentations about Manta rays, her work studying and discovering new Manta ray species and her important work fighting for better Manta ray protection around the globe. Guests will also have the opportunity to learn how to assist Manta ray research with Manta I.D. photography.


The SY Diva Andaman ©Thailand Dive and Sail

The trip departs from Ranong, Thailand on 17 February 2013 and returns to Phuket, Thailand on 26 February 2013. There are still limited spaces available. If you would like the opportunity to dive with Dr Andrea Marshall as well as Clive White and Ric Parker please contact us for more details.

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