Dive Log Ric #3005 Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head Rock is situated off the south of Similan Eight in the Similan Islands National Park.

Elephant Head Rock is one of the best dive sites in the Similan Islands. A huge granite boulder dive site that can be a thrilling experience. With strong currents it can also be on the Similan’s more challenging dives. I was looking forward to this dive.

Elephant Head Rock Dive Three on Similan Liveaboard MV Hallelujah

The trouble when you are looking forward to something, it doesn’t always go as you planned. We descended against a slight current and made our way to the canyon between two large granite boulders. No problems so far. We swam through the canyon scanning the rocky bottom for critters. We navigated the first of many swim-throughs that dominate Elephant Head Rock dive site.

We wouldn’t be able to stick to my planned route. Back into the swim-through we went. I turned left, or north to swim the longer section of the swim-through. Exiting the swim-through we found ourselves back in the raging current once again. I tried a different way, ascending a little with a few twists and turns and whichever way I went we just couldn’t escape the strong current.

All was going great until we exited the swim-though and were hit full force by a very strong current.


It had been hard work up until this stage and air supplies were already running low. Sometimes you just have to call it a day.

We let the current wash us off the dive site, passing by the huge boulders. Sometimes the current took us up and over the rocks, sometimes pulling us down slightly. Eventually the current calmed as we drifted out over deeper water.

We could now maintain our depth and complete the safety stop.

Dive Details #3005 Elephant Head Rock

Dive Number: 3005 (Ric) Dive Site: Elephant Head Rock
Location: Similan Islands Dive Boat: MV Hallelujah
Time In: Dive Time: 37 Minutes
Max Depth: 24 m Visibility: 18 m
Water Temp: 30° EANx: 32%