The Khao Lak Dive Operators have just issued the following statement to clarify recent reports about dive site closures in the Similan Islands.

Khao Lak Dive Operators Forum: No Reason to be Concerned

Closure of popular diving sites doesn’t mark the end for diving in the area.

28th of January 2011 – In a bid to outline exactly which sites are closed and to dispel rumors that diving in the area is doomed; the Khao Lak Dive Operators Forum issued the following statement:

The Mu Ko Similan National Park announced the temporary closure of two dive sites: Beacon Reef at Island 8 and East of Eden at Island 7. There are nine Similan islands and the closed sites are located on the eastern portion of only two of the islands.

A spokesperson for the Mu Ko Similan National Park made the following statement: “The main factors causing the coral bleaching are the combined effects of global warming, which has raised the sea temperature by 1-2 degrees Celsius”; emphasizing that a rise in temperatures is to blame and not an excess of human disruption.

With over 25 flourishing reefs in the area, the region continues to provide avid marine enthusiasts with ample opportunity to continue to dive and snorkel. A diverse range of marine life living amongst fertile corals can be explored throughout the region and aside from the temporary closures; dive sites remain productive.

The dive operators will work alongside the authorities to protect and conserve the thriving local underwater worlds and we therefore not only accept but actively encourage the decision to close the two sites in order to replenish their health.

Members of the Khao Lak Dive Operators Forum represent 26 dive shops that operate trips to the Similan and Surin Islands. For further information please contact us.