Mergui Archipelago burma

Mergui Archipelago diving

For a long time, a chain of over 800 islands in the Andaman Sea was off-limits, named Mergui archipelago. Since 1998, the government of Myanmar (formerly Burma) has allowed this amazing diving paradise to be experienced by divers and explorers. Immerse yourself on this paradise Mergui archipelago offers sheltered anchorages, sand beaches, untouched reefs and [...]


Best sailing yachts in Myanmar

We all love the ocean and there is no better way to explore it than on a sail boat. We have summarized some great sail yachts you can either join on a cabin charter or you can even privately charter them just for yourself. SY Meta IV – Private and cabin charter What a great [...]

Catamaran near Island

Sailing in the Andaman Islands

We all love travelling, especially to those places not many people have been to and the Andaman Islands are it, not only very little explored but unspoiled. As we are offering charters from Thailand to Andaman Islands and reverse, we would like to show you a few facts of this breathtaking paradise, how the trip [...]

Octopus in the mergui archipelago

Burma trip in off season, June 2016

Part of our team have just arrived from a dive trip in the Mergui Archipelago in Burma and had a bunch of interesting stories to tell us so I have decided to write about it on this blog. Check out their adventure including the weather conditions, challenges and the marine life encountered during this week’s [...]

sunset in the mergui with the dunia baru

A Guest on the Dunia Baru

So after a great trip with the guests who chartered the magnificent ship, the Dunia Baru (The New World), I was very fortunate to be asked back on board by the owner, but this time as a guest. Exceeding Expectations Wow! This was far from what I had imagined was going to happen. I returned [...]

Private guiding on the dunia baru

Private Guiding on the Dunia Baru

In March I was asked to join the Dunia Baru as a private guide for water sports, land excursions and diving in the Mergui. This was to be this beautiful sailing boat's first venture into the Mergui Archipelago. The boat was to be joined by some VIP guests and so the cruise director wanted a [...]


Ray of Hope 2013 Part 2

Day Two Burma Banks 19/02/2013 I woke a couple of times during the night, the engine rumbling below my cabin. The constant noise a reminder of just how far from shore we were heading. Diving at Western Rocky had already taken us around 36 nautical miles from our departure point at Kaw Thuang. Western Rocky [...]


Ray of Hope 2013 Part 1

For the last two years I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to dive with Dr Andrea Marshall as part of her Ray of Hope Expeditions to Burma and Thailand. These trips have been the highlight of my Thailand and Burma diving season each year. Getting the chance to go on my third [...]


History Of The Mergui Archipelago – Part 3

Part Three – Cantor Island & Pearl Fishing The Mergui Archipelago In 1905 Before leaving these strange people I must mention one rather anomalous tribe I visited who seem to have overcome very largely their nomadic propensities, and have formed a permanent settlement on Cantor Island, not far from Mergui. The settlement is not extensive. […]