Thailand Dive and Sail announce some updates for the upcoming 2013-2014 Burma diving season. With a new selection of Burma liveaboard boats on offer plus other interesting Burma news.

New Burma Liveaboards

Thailand Dive and Sail have expanded their Burma liveaboards with the addition of three new sailing boats. The new boats are aimed at a more exclusive market: for families or small groups wishing to explore the Mergui Archipelago in Burma.

The three boats; SY Mozart, SY Meta IV and SY Cataleya are all high end sailing boats. The trips break away from the typical Burma liveaboard format. Thailand Dive and Sail will still offer Burma diving but with the addition of more topside activities.


The SY Meta IV is one of our new featured Burma Liveabaords

There will be the chance to dive Burma’s top dive sites and visit some of the best beaches in the Mergui Archipelago. Along with nature trekking, kayaking and fishing. Thailand Dive and Sail’s charity work with the See & Sea Organisation will also play a role on the trips. Thailand Dive and Sail are actively working with the Moken communities dotted around the Mergui Archipelago. We are working towards a more sustainable future for the Andaman Sea region while also helping to maintain traditional Moken values.

More Burma Liveaboards for 2013-2014

The upcoming 2013-2014 Burma diving season will see the addition of another budget Burma liveaboard boat. This is a positive sign pointing towards the resurgance of Burma diving. After a successful season under the guidance of a Thailand Dive and Sail tour leader, the MV Chok Benjarpanuchit has announced a second season in Burma. Without the experience of a Thailand Dive and Sail tour leader onboard, this boat will not feature as a recommended vessel until we access feedback from their trips.


Recommended Burma Liveaboard for the best Burma diving – ©Niko Aigner

Thailand Dive and Sail’s best recommended Burma liveaboard for the 2013-2014 Burma diving season is the Deep Andaman Queen. This mid range Burma liveaboard offers longer trips to the Mergui Archipelago that also include some of the best Thailand diving.

The SY Diva Andaman will again be visiting the Mergui Archipelago in 2014. The two trips will follow the same format as 2013, diving Thailand’s Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai and Koh Bon. Both these trips proved to be a successful introduction into Burma diving.

Ray of Hope Expedition 2014 to Burma

Thailand Dive and Sail are currently in talks with Dr Andrea Marshall about the possibility of a fourth consecuative Ray of Hope Expedition to Burma’s Mergui Archipelago. The importance of Burma dive sites such as Black Rock as Giant manta ray aggregation sites are becoming more clear after three years of research there.


Giant manta ray (Manta birostris) spotted diving Burma’s Black Rock – ©Ric Parker

Dr Marshall rates Black Rock in her top 10 of the world’s dive sites. Black Rock not only offers some of the best Burma diving, but also a good chance to interact with these magnificent creatures. Please contact us if you would like to receive updates about Ray of Hope 2014.

Ric Parker