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Old Boonsung Wreck


Just half an hour north of the bustling tourist town of Khao Lak, off the picturesque Bansak Beach and 18 metres down in the Andaman Sea, lies an old tin mining vessel – the Boonsung Wreck. This old wreck is now thriving with life, hidden in every nook and cranny. It sits on the sandy sea bed and is visited by divers and plenty of marine creatures every day. The Boonsung Wreck is an ideal place for a relaxed and yet fascinating diving day trip from Khao Lak.


Boonsung Wreck Dive Site Information
Site Name: Boonsung Wreck
GPS/Location: 9km west from Bansak Beach
Skill Level: Beginner
Depth: 14 – 19m
Currents: Minimal
Topography: The Boonsung wreck lies in an area with very few features, all the surrounding area is sand. The wreck has no points safe to enter.
Highlights: Abundant macro life and large numbers of schooling fish can be found at this site, including at least 5 species of Nudibranch. Look out for moray eels, we have encountered the Honeycomb moray, White eyed moray and also the Giant Moray. Take care if you have to touch the wreck due to large numbers of highly camouflaged Bearded Scorpion fish.
Marine Life: Lion fish congregate in large numbers in certain areas. We have found Estuarine Stonefish, all of the above are highly venomous. Look on the sand close to the wreck, it’s not uncommon to find Cuttlefish and also juvenile Octopus. Spearing mantis shrimp is a special find in this area. Large numbers of juvenile Barracuda and Yellow two lined Snapper circle the wreck, sometimes creating shadows as they pass over head.
How to dive this site: Descend on one of the 3 mooring lines and continue in either clockwise or anti clockwise direction.
Our tips: Best as a morning dive. All of the dive-site is located between 14-19m so watch your NDL’s or use Nitrox. Take it nice and slowly, there is plenty here to keep a diver impressed for 2 dives. Do not penetrate the wreck due to the large amount of sharp metal girders protruding and it’s age.
Photo tip: This site can be good for wide angle when visibility allows, otherwise there are never ending macro possibilities.


If you would like to know more about this Khao Lak diving day trip or if you have any questions, please contact us using the form below.



Welcome to the Boonsung Wreck.

Our dive briefing begins with our entry into the water. We will be using the roll back entry, so remember to hold your mask and regulator with one hand and weight belt buckle with the other hand. Check your entry point is clear and that you have plenty of air in the BCD. Then simply roll back and signal to the boat that all is ok.

We will begin our descent down 1 of the 4 mooring lines and swim in a clockwise direction. The maximum depth is around 19 metres so we need to carefully check our no decompression limits and shallow up to 15m after around 35 minutes.

Please be very aware of the many steel beams protruding from the wreck as these could prove a problem for entanglement. There are no entry points to the wreck and we discourage divers from trying to find entry points as the exhaled air causes massive accelerated oxidisation and will degrade the wreck quickly.

The Boonsung wreck lies on a sandy bed and is the only feature on the sea bottom. This has the affect of making it a magnet for a variety of marine life. Most species use the wreck as a nursery with many juvenile barracuda and snapper schooling in their hundreds. It’s always worth looking under the large metal plates that are strewn across the site. We have found large Jenkins and Blotched fantail rays sleeping underneath. Please take care if you need to steady yourself or need to push away from the wreck; make sure you fan the area you are about to touch as there are Scorpion fish from 5cm long and up to 30cm long. Also, please be careful of Lion fish as there can be many in one spot and they are often concealed by glassfish. There are 2 species of Moray we encounter at this site: the Honeycomb and the White eyed moray.

Upon descent we can encounter schooling pufferfish and Batfish are also common around the mooring lines. For those who are interested in the rarer marine life we have found 7 species of Nudibranch here, mainly from the Chromodoris genre, some with striking colourations. It’s also possible to find Ornate Ghost Pipefish here, they are often hanging in the entangled fishing net snagged on the wreck. For those with a keen eye there are Spotfin Frogfish at this site, these hard to spot fish are always a winner for photo enthusiasts.

The Boonsung Wreck is a nice relaxing dive that is better taken slowly so as to really look in the many holes and cracks that have appeared. Our dive time will be 1 hr, or 50 bar, then we will proceed back to the mooring line and begin our ascent to 5m where we will complete the safety stop for 3 minutes. When returning to the boat please take your fins off and pass them to the boat crew and then you can climb back onto the boat 😉 Any questions? Let’s go diving, Dive with a Smile 😉 by


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