Discover the best Similan Islands liveaboards, how to choose the best liveaboard that fits your needs and what to expect for your next diving holidays. We have summarized what is the best for you when it comes to choosing your next liveaboard time in the Similan Islands.


Liveaboards in the Similan Islands start operating from mid-October when the National Park opens. You can start booking your diving trip already as we operate year round. It is all about when you want to go diving. The most popular months are December and January but it can be busy so if you have flexibility, February to April is a great option to go as well. The weather is just great and so are the dive conditions including amazing visibility and a lot of marine life.


The weather during the high season (Mid-October to Mid-May) is superb. Beginning and end of season is when the weather is changing so there is a change of rain or strong wind, nothing really bad that will spoil your diving holidays. Of course weather can change anytime but as a rule of thumb, December to March would be the best time to come.

Underwater photo of Octopus
Octopus standing on top of reef

Ranges of liveaboards

There are many liveaboards in the Similan National Park so we have chosen the ones we know to be the best. Our range will start from budget liveaboards where you may share a bathroom but still get great value for money up to high end liveaboards where great diving is topped by gourmet cuisine and five star services. We have made a brief explanation on some of our favorite liveaboards, ranging from budget to high end. You can also check all of our liveaboards on our website.


If you want have a great diving holidays but money is a concern you may want to opt for a budget liveaboard. We really enjoy working with MV Oktavia which is technically a budget option because the cabins are not ensuite, but the quality of service and the boat itself bring it into the mid-range category, so it is excellent value for money.

Prices can be very accessible so there is a possibility for everyone and for many people, what makes the most of a diving trip is the kind of people you have around you.

MV Oktavia liveaboard
MV Oktavia - Budget liveaboard
The MV Hallelujah liveaboard
The MV Hallelujah - Mid-range liveaboard


Many of us work very hard and that very special time of the year we go diving we would like some comfort so some of the mid-range liveaboards can meet your expectations.

The MV Hallelujah is run by a great team who we work closely with. She will take up to 20 divers in en-suite and air conditioned cabins. It has plenty of communal spaces for relaxation, including a very spacious sun deck, an outdoor eating area, a comfortable space to relax at the front of the boat as your cruise around the Similans and a large indoor saloon for relaxing, eating dinner or watching TV.

High end

When money is not a concern, High end liveaboards is the best option. On a personal note, we would recommend saving up and enjoy a luxury trip with amazing gourmet food, personal massage therapist and great accommodation as after all, who doesn’t like to be pampered.

Diva Andaman is a superb choice as the hospitality on board this vessel is quite exclusive, accommodation is in beautiful luxury cabins with ensuite facilities and food is just as good as it gets. Excellent Thai, Asian and International food is served throughout the excursion and fine wines are available.

Diva Andaman liveaboard
Stunning sailing liveaboard
Relax at sun deck between dives
Relax at sun deck between dives
Guest room at Diva
Beautiful room at Diva

We hope that by now you can have a better understanding on some of the liveaboard types there are to offer and if you need any help please contact us at any time. We have been diving these waters for a long time and would love to take you in such an amazing liveaboard adventure.